Dear Friends,

Spring is finally springing which means summer, my favorite season, is imminent. Part of the reason I love summer so much, (as you may be able to guess given the nature of this list), is because of all the free, outdoor arts events. I’ve been thinking/dreaming more and more about what the possibilities are for the summer.

Non sequitur: I have  been reading a lot of theory and philosophizing lately around (hence a reference in the subject to the Indigo Girls’ song, Galileo). But specifically, I’ve been thinking about the meaning and connotations of the term, “the arts.” Personally, I use the term regularly to embrace all things that involve my expansive definition of art: the fine arts, music, dance, theater, poetry, and practically all elements of cultural practices around the world. But I’ve been thinking about how “the arts” can sound elitist. When I hear about people who work in “the arts,” images of The Metropolitan Museum  or the Met Opera pop into my head. I think that isn’t uncommon. I hypothesize that most people directly link the term to places associated with the “high arts” (i.e., museums, theaters, concert halls, etc.) and not to any art form they take part in themselves (a knitting circle, a ritual ceremony, etc.)

What can we do to move away from a term that connotes a potential hierarchy and encourages inclusion? How do we make the arts (or whatever we want to call ALL arts and cultural practices) truly inclusive of all people? The immediate answer seems to be to do away with these institutions. Why can’t art only take place in the public realm (parks, the street, etc.) While I think there’s something to this, banning  institutions are obviously not practical.  So how else might we might go about this?

I don’t have answers. It’s just something that’s been on my mind. What are your thoughts on this? What is a better, more inclusive term to embrace all forms of arts? Let’s discuss: leave your comments below. Thanks!


And SUMMER! I can’t wait! Stay tuned for more and more outdoor, summer, cultural goodness…All coming soon. Hooray!




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